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"Osmosis has changed my study life. It gives me the tools to not only do well in my medical school classes, but also to make learning a fun and interactive experience! I love that Osmosis organizes everything for me and offers me preformed questions."

Jessica Moore

"As a Pharmacy student, I really appreciate that you have so many pharmacology videos online. It really helps me understand everything! I am very thankful for your videos and I hope you keep up the good work. Thank you again for making studying fun again."

Katharina Übelhör

"Osmosis is pretty cool when it comes to their videos, they actually draw everything out from the systems, to how it presents, to lab tests and everything. It?s been showing up on my exams it?s been amazing, my grades have been great and learning has been fun again!"

Kamron Robinson

"I love Osmosis so much is because it's just so creative. I'm a visual learner, so having this information presented in a visually-appealing modality is incredibly helpful. It challenges you in a way that's different from what we get in the classroom and is super essential to gaining a multifaceted understanding of the material."

Natalie Hibshman

"I'm just really appreciative that in a field where it's demanding, intense and serious, Osmosis is lighthearted and fun, and reminds you that, you know, we're pretty lucky to be studying medicine!"

Conley Krieger

"I use Osmosis for every single test in medical school. Since implementing Osmosis, my grades have gone up and relative effort has gone down! "

Chelsea Wallace

"Osmosis allows me to devote more time to leadership positions and my personal life while maintaining my academics. To be honest, my grades have improved only 4-6%, but I am able to do this spending significantly less time than I was previously. It has replaced Anki and Firecracker for me mainly because the user interface is so simple to use and pulls everything together for me with links directly to class slides, FirstAid, and Picmonic. And the lecture analysis feature is such a powerful tool that allows me to not just see generic information, but a study aid specifically for my class. It's the whole package!"

Frank Mayer

"Osmosis is a powerful tool used to improve how students approach learning by developing more sophisticated and lasting understanding of the material. It is awesome that Osmosis follows popular and new neuroscience ideas on learning and improving how you study. I think Osmosis is an immediately relevant thing that most medical students would enjoy learning more about."

David Leander

"As a non-traditional student, Osmosis has really helped me with streamlining my study time. I have other obligations outside of medical school, to include family and military commitments. I find that the best way to study is by creating questions and then practicing them over and over. The spaced repetition, particularly with the flash cards, also helps me in the days leading up to an exam. I utilized Anki for the first block of medical school but then decided to utilize the flashcard function in Osmosis. I find that it is more streamlined and I don't have to worry about syncing my devices. I have the Osmosis app downloaded on all my devices and use the flashcards/questions when I can't be in front of my computer. I've been able to significantly reduce the amount of study time I put in while still maintaining great scores, particularly in Anatomy. The questions and the links to First Aid are probably the most helpful."

Mike Brisson

"Osmosis is great for integrative learning and cutting down time on making study products! I love that it gives me the ability to annotate slides and create flash cards from slides that can be viewed from my phone."

Corey Boggs

"I love that Osmosis videos are concise and animated. It keeps my attention while still giving me everything I need to know for my exam. Definitely worth the investment!"

Astian Waite

"Osmosis has become the most used app on my phone and iPad. The tab, multiple tabs actually, are always open in my browser. Osmosis has integrated into my workflow like none of the other apps. Really, Osmosis has become my workflow. I've found that it's important in this whirlwind of basic sciences to stay centered. That includes the diversity of materials we have access to as well as the resources we create. Osmosis streamlines my flow and calms my mind. It gives me confidence that I'm prepared for the next set of exams, and it helps me see how far I've come and where we have yet to go. Osmosis helps to focus my curriculum, and that's so important for the way we do med school."

Jonathan Davidow

"I was having a hard time coming up with a comprehensive plan on my own, and Osmosis was the solution. It seems much more personable (and personalizable!) than other study resources; It has the same friendly feel as programs like Sketchymicro, but with a more comprehensive knowledge base like DIT or Kaplan. It is also extremely well priced in comparison to other programs! The Step 1 study calendar generator is a life saver! "

Gillian Dryton

"Nothing comes close to the way Osmosis breaks down the vast amount of information thrown at you and tells you exactly what to take away from it. I can't pick only one favorite thing, but if I had to, it would probably be the videos that are given when I upload my lectures. When I don't understand a concept, I know right where to look for a better explanation."

Angela Sollitto

"When I discovered Osmosis, I was thrilled by the ability to have all of the resources available in one location. With the flashcard system, I was sold! I love being able to make flashcards, and collaborate with classmates on them. The spaced repetition with the flashcards is fantastic! It also makes a big difference being able to add our school lectures to the site. "

Devin Maxwell

"Osmosis is the best tool for staying organized and integrating classwork with high yield resources, all in one platform. The Osmosis USMLE Step 1 Flashcards are not only extremely relevant, but they also feature cross-references to additional resources like Wikipedia pages, Picmonics, and Celebrity/Patient Diagnoses. These flashcards, in conjunction with the Osmosis spaced repetition method, have helped me to remember details that I studied from past blocks (and semesters) while I am actively studying for newer courses. This has helped me tremendously during my first set of final examinations, and I feel that it will help me be more prepared when I begin preparing for Step 1."

Wade Licup

"Osmosis offers a better way to collaborate with classmates by allowing everyone to contribute their own questions and flashcards for everyone else to review!"

Luke Mueller

"I LOVE that videos and flashcards are linked directly to any lecture that I'm working through. I can get to the 'heart' of the content from a reliable source."

Casey Pagan

"Osmosis has helped me since the beginning of medical school, and I am still using it to prepare for my upcoming Board exam. Osmosis not only showed me how to organize my coursework, but also helps me to retain all the information I need to pass my school exams. Osmosis has everything I need to study for school exams AND board exams including the flashcard feature and the questions bank. I have used other study resources before, like Firecracker, but I prefer Osmosis because of all of the features it offers. I will continue to use Osmosis as my primary resource for all my future board exams!"

Benjamin Nolasco

"My lecturer was impressed when I had retained a ton of information weeks after learning it via Osmosis! I love having Osmosis analyze my lectures because it recommends the most high-yield topics, and then usually after reading and watching the videos by Osmosis I can just skim the lectures because I already know most of what is in them. And what's even better is that I've retained more than I used to!The pop-up notifications from the app are amazing as they keep me engaged with the course content, which leads to even more retention with less effort! Other study resources have been more tedious for me to work with, but with Osmosis I can actually finish studying on time!"


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