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Announcing the NEW Osmosis Library for Nursing: Videos, Questions, and Resources that Help Simplify Nursing School

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Published on Sep 8, 2021. Updated on Sep 21, 2021.

As nursing evolves, today’s nurses need greater critical thinking skills, higher emotional intelligence, resilient soft skills. And, a deeper understanding of their patients. Osmosis is bringing nursing students and nurses the resources they need to know for their courses, exams, and in real practice. 

Are you a nursing student who: 

  • Is nervous about passing the NCLEX-RN®?

  • Needs a way to stay engaged with the overload of material to study?

  • Wants to feel confident when applying nursing concepts in clinical settings?

  • Is looking for a studying tool that aligns with what you'll see in actual practice?

  • Is changing assignments and want to brush up?

  • Needs help with your science and math prerequisites for nursing school?

Then Osmosis has just the thing!

Introducing the improved and easy-to-use, Osmosis library for nursing, built to support your success.

The completely new content makes it simple for nursing students like you gain the knowledge you need to pass your classes and the NCLEX exam. Not only that, but these videos, med tables, questions, and more will prepare you for what you’ll encounter in real practice. And, Osmosis even has important content not found in your textbooks, like information on COVID-19,

The nursing profession is changing, and today’s students need to be prepared for these shifts. Better critical thinking skills, more emotional intelligence, an emphasis on communication…

All on top of the traditional nursing curriculum.

To better serve you and your unique needs as an RN student, the Osmosis team brings you a brand new, inclusive way to become the best nurse you can possibly be: resilient, competent, and caring.

Here’s what awaits you!

Easily navigate our brand new nursing content

With hundreds of new videos, notes, and resources for you… we had to organize all this fresh content in a way that makes studying easy and logical. And, that follows the typical school curriculum and NCLEX requirements.

In many cases, content under one section can be found in other sections, too. That is, the content is often double shelved under multiple sections so there are usually multiple ways to navigate to the same pieces of content. We’ve done this so the library remains streamlined and not overwhelming.

Here are the new navigation headings, and what you’ll find in each section. 

1. Nursing Courses

This section organizes content by the courses that are typically taken by nursing students. The courses are organized roughly in chronological order to what you’ll see in a typical school’s curriculum:

Fundamentals of Nursing

Medical-Surgical Nursing


Geriatric Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Mental Health Nursing

Nursing Leadership

Common first-year courses like “Fundamentals of Nursing”, “Medical-Surgical Nursing”, and “Pharmacology” appear at the top of the list. More advanced courses like “Maternal-Newborn Nursing”, “Mental Health Nursing”, or “Nursing Leadership”, appear later. We’ve also included offerings for concept-based curriculum.

This helps you to navigate content easily based on what point you’re at in your studies.

2. Nursing Concepts

This is where you’ll find Nursing Process (ADPIE) videos that support concept-based learning. This content will help prepare you for the critical thinking you’ll need on the job.

Nursing Concepts content is organized into broad ideas:

Homeostasis & Regulation

Oxygenation & homeostasis

Protection & Movement

Emotional Processes

Cognitive & Behavioral Processes

Client attribute concepts

Clinical Skills videos

This framework will help you with pattern recognition and applying your experience and prior knowledge to new subjects and scenarios. These videos serve as examples of common concepts like “Homeostasis & Regulation,” “Oxygenation & Homeostasis”, and “Protections & Movement” that will help increase your confidence as a practicing nurse.

3. Nursing Series

This section includes videos and notes that outline the steps and details of basic nursing skills, usually learned in the “Fundamentals of Nursing” course.

Content is organized like so:

  • Nursing Clinical Skills
    This is a limited run of 10 live-action videos that are designed to review these essential skills.

    Nursing Clinical Skills Notes
    These 30+ illustrated notes that are similar in scope to the clinical skills videos.

    Nursing Process (ADPIE)
    ~80 videos and paired NCLEX-style questions that use case studies to teach how a practicing nurse approaches a real-world scenario.

    Nursing Pharmacology
    140 videos and accompanying medicine tables and paired NCLEX-style questions that teach pharmacology for nursing students. All of these videos should be available in early October, the questions in Early November.

    Clinical Nursing Care (Coming Soon)
    This is a set of 150+ videos and accompanying NCLEX-style questions that are organized by systems and are used to teach nursing care in a clinical setting. Most of these videos discuss the care of a person with a disease, but some discuss topics a nurse may discuss with their clients like contraception. This is the next set of videos that the Content Team is working on, so should be finished by the end of 2021. 

    Subsections for Clinical Nursing Care include:

    Peripheral vascular
    Eye, ear, nose, and throat

  • Mental Health (Coming Soon)
    These are 15+ videos and accompanying NCLEX-style questions that discuss mental health care.

    Nursing Across the Lifespan (Coming Soon)
    This is a collection of 90+ videos and accompanying NCLEX-style questions that discuss care across a person’s lifespan.

    Subsections for Clinical Nursing Care include:

    Maternal Newborn
    Developmental stages
    Geriatric Nursing

    Culturally Relevant Care (Coming Soon)
    These are 6 videos and accompanying NCLEX-style questions that discuss cultural considerations for different populations of  people

    Nursing Leadership and Management (Coming Soon)
    These are 20+ videos and accompanying NCLEX-style questions that discuss leadership and management for the nursing audience. 

Developing clinical skills is fundamental for every nursing student. With these live-action videos and complementary notes, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of these essential skills. 

4. Essential Sciences (COMING SOON)

This section is where you’ll find stand-alone information on different topics. It’s all designed to help you with pathology, physiology, developmental biology, social awareness, and professional development.

Content under this heading is organized by the major topic categories you’ll cover in your nursing education:

Behavioral sciences
Biochemistry and nutrition
Biostatistics and epidemiology
Cellular and molecular biology

From body systems—like “Cardiac” and “Respiratory”—and social sciences—like “Culturally Relevant Care” and “Leadership and Management”—you’ll get a well-rounded, in-depth look at each subject, while staying on track and relevant. 

New video series that helps you master core competencies

Ever wanted someone to simply lay out your curriculum in a logical, easy-to-digest way? That’s exactly what these Osmosis RN video series accomplish. 

Designed to give you a comprehensive, easy-to-understand foundation of the essential knowledge you need to pass your RN program and the NCLEX exam, each series makes overwhelming subjects simple and easy to remember.

1. Nursing Process (ADPIE)

This series is designed to help you create connections between the ADPIE Nursing Process and caring for a diverse group of clients with a wide range of illnesses and needs. This series includes 79 videos and nearly 1200 questions that are linked to the NCLEX-RN® blueprint. This way, you’ll study in the same way you’ll practice as a professional. 

Topics include: 

Client reports







Osmosis ADPIE videos take core nursing content and plug it right into the nursing process so you can see how sometimes abstract concepts fit into the real world as a nursing professional.

2. Nursing Pharmacology

You’ve been asking for this! One of the biggest requests we get from Osmosis nursing students is clarity and deeper understanding of nursing pharmacology.

To that end, this series includes nearly 140 videos with accompanying medicine tables and about 900 NCLEX questions. It covers major medications and pharmacologic therapies used in client care, and the role and responsibilities of a nurse around managing those medications and therapies, and the clients who receive them.

Topics include:

Mechanisms of action

Side effects

Nursing considerations

Client teachings

In addition, Osmosis is facile at addressing current issues. For example, we include videos and professional development courses on COVID-19, teaching and learning in the health professions, opioid addiction, gender identity, wellness and burnout, anxiety, depression and suicide.

3. Essential Sciences (COMING SOON)

This is the biggest collection of Osmosis nursing videos to date. The series contains around 300 videos that are aligned with thousands of NCLEX-style questions. This way, you’re studying exactly the same way you’ll be tested.

This series will teach you core nursing content and covers everything from basic foundational health and science knowledge to elevated concepts, such as ethics in nursing and providing culturally-relevant nursing care. Stay tuned—Nursing Science series is set to start launching fall 2021, with full availability scheduled for spring 2022.

4. Clinical Skills

Fundamental for every nursing student, the Clinical Skills series enhances and solidifies the basic nursing skills you’ll learn in “Fundamentals of Nursing”.

A first for Osmosis, these 10 videos use a mix of live-action and whiteboard-style animation that show you how to excel in clinical settings.

The accompanying notes deepen your understanding and help you put your clinical skills in context.

LAUNCHING SOON: New Quiz Builder makes studying–and remembering—easier!

With 1,100 questions written in the NCLEX-RN style, you’ll be studying the same way you’ll be tested. This will help you get used to processing and recalling information in the most efficient way possible.

You’ll be able to filter questions easily from different categories. This means you’ll be able to:

  • Prep exactly what you need to for exams in one, simple place

  • Supplement your course lectures

  • Identify your particular strengths and challenges so you’ll use your studying time more efficiently

More upcoming changes to enhance your nursing education

To make sure you’re as well-prepared as possible for a fulfilling career as a nurse, some of our videos are being updated.

For example, let’s take one of our pathology videos, “Shock”, currently available in the Osmosis RN library.

Originally, it was developed to meet the needs of medical students. While the information in this video is high-quality and accurate, it is aimed to support the needs of future physicians, not future nurses.

Reimagining this video, and others like it, for nursing students means tailoring the information to support your nursing-specific curriculum and what you need to know for the NCLEX.

Our team is combing through these videos and will continue to update them on an ongoing basis.

This includes guidance from the Osmosis Nursing Advisory Board, comprised of Deans, Program Directors, and Professors from public and private nursing institutions across the country). This diverse group of professionals is your assurance that the Osmosis RN Library is adequately preparing you by: 

  • Providing insights and guidance on trends in healthcare, nursing education, and culturally responsive medical training.

  • Reviewing current product development efforts and product functionality to ensure a best in class student and faculty experience.

  • Advising Osmosis team members on best practices in nursing education both within schools and in workforce development organizations.

Not only that, but your education and career will be enhanced with the exclusive paid leadership opportunities for nursing students through the Osmosis Nursing Student Ambassador (ONSA) program.

This program helps nursing students build their resumes, broaden their networks, be heard, and shape the future of their profession.

The nursing field is changing. With Osmosis’s support, you’ll get the best nursing education possible so you can give the best care possible, too.

NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® are registered trademarks of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc (NCSBN®). Osmosis is not affiliated with NCSBN.


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