• Overcoming Failure in Medical School

    I failed my first year of medical school. I survived, don’t worry! As someone who had pretty much

  • Osmosis's Top 3 Tips to Avoid Burnout

    The life of a medical student, nursing student, and PA student can be stressful. Whether on your way

  • Osmosis Updates

    May Product Update

    The Osmosis Product team has been designing, researching, and developing to improve your quizzing Os

  • Breathing Practices to Calm the Mind Before a Test

    Osmosis team member and certified yoga instructor shares breathing techniques to help relieve stress

  • Top 5 Benefits of Osmosing with Family

    Second year med student shares benefits of having loved ones help her study using Osmosis. As a se

  • The Clinical Experience That Shaped Me

    Clinical experiences can shape the way clinicians think, feel, and their approach to providing care.

  • How to Stick to a Strict Study Schedule in Medical School Using Osmosis

    Get tips on how to stick to a strict study habit to be successful in medical school and the boards.

  • Learning How to Use Spaced Repetition in Medical School

    Second year med student dramatically improved ability to memorize and recall medical facts with spac

  • How To Choose Your Specialty

    How to choose a medical specialty that's right for you. Advice from a fourth year medical studen

  • Tips on finding the right residency program for you

    Dr. Amin Azzam shares tips on finding the right residency program for you. So you’ve figured out

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