Osmosis creates a personalized and social learning experience based on your med school class schedule. Osmosis takes the extra effort out of organizing your course content and seeking out resources so you can focus on learning. Read more to find out how it works!

Your Calendar. Your Schedule.

Osmosis syncs to your curriculum exam schedule and uses this to choose which topics to recommend studying.

“Pushed Repetition”

You know you won't study renal after the exam is over. Break out of cram-forget cycles by getting mobile push notifications on topics you need to remember for boards spaced out over time.

Power of the Crowd

“None of us are as smart as all of us.”
— Japanese Proverb
Work together among your class to write and critique practice questions for your curriculum. Find holes in your own knowledge through helping others.

Publisher Content

No need to keep up with a stack of review books. Get premium publisher content streamed right to your Osmosis app.

Introducing Osmosis Prime

Access to thousands of high-yield questions and flashcards. Get smart recomendations, First Aid references, detailed images, companion videos and life-changing mnemonics.

So yeah, we think you'll love it...

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Osmosis Basic

  • 5 Questions From Each Bank
  • Course-based Wikipedia References
  • Once/Week Intelligent Push Notifications

Osmosis Prime

  • Unlimited Access to All Question Banks (+18,000 questions & flashcards)
  • Course-based First Aid references
  • Unlimited Intelligent Push Notifications
  • Play Osmosis Multiplayer Game
  • Lots more!
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  • “I've tried out several apps to help with my Step prep, and they all pale in comparison to Osmosis...I'm actively involved in helping the MS1 students transition into medical school, especially with the task of wading through the countless study resources on the market. I have over a decade of experience as an educator, and Osmosis perfectly fits with my main strategy for learning: to practice/study a little bit at a time every day, progressively cementing knowledge into your memory."

    — MS2, TTUHSC Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

  • "I love the explanatory YouTube videos. As a visual learner, it makes it easier to conceptualize and memorize certain concepts!"

    — MS2, University of Hawaii School of Medicine

  • "Osmosis is my go to "entertainment" for the bus rides. I am learning things as I go to school, and can be reviewing other subjects that are not just what I am currently learning."

    — MS2, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

  • "I firmly believe that Osmosis is the way to learning in the future. To deliver education that best fits an individual rather a "one fits all" model is at the heart of Osmosis. I have been advocating for the use of Osmosis at my school since the summer."

    — MS2, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine

  • "The Osmosis style is so refreshing, with its clean, smooth and user-friendly apps, providing a nice contrast to the clunky operation of the other study materials out there (NBME, USMLEWorld). The cost cannot be beaten, and the ability to sync with your tests throughout the year was something I appreciate more completely in hindsight, and didn't take enough advantage of at the time."

    — M3, University of MN - Twin Cities

  • "I've been using various medical/education apps throughout college and Osmosis has definitely been the most beneficial."

    — M4, National University of Ireland, Galway

  • "Like many other students, I have always been on the hunt for a comprehensive, well-organized, and continuously maintained system for independent study. While I was introduced to Osmosis after I had already taken my Step 1 exam, I could easily appreciate its educational philosophy. The ability to access Osmosis on-the-go, across a variety of devices is a simple, but entirely necessary, feature for this generation of medical scholars. Additionally, I admire the simple brilliance in asking learners to rate each question, which helps to organically cull poor questions and reveal qualities of successful and helpful questions. Taken as a whole, I feel that the Osmosis system of studying represents the current direction of medical education and I would be ecstatic to...support this groundbreaking frontier of education."

    — M4, University of Virginia School of Medicine

  • "I think this app is amazing. As an MD/PhD student, I'm looking for quick easy ways to study up on my medical knowledge before going back to medical school. This app is great for that. My little sister is a MS2 studying for Step 1 and she loves this app as well. I truly believe this app helps to retain knowledge. I love the quizzing interface, the ability to rate questions, and the fact that there are nice detailed explanations."

    — M2, UCLA School of Medicine

  • "I have been using Osmosis questions to prepare for every test in medical school since I began using it. I have seen how useful it is to be able to review questions in a particular subject area, rate my level of confidence in various areas as a way of highlighting my own weak points, and feel the accomplishment of working through all of a section's questions successfully. I believe that this will continue to be an important tool for me as I progress through medical school."

    — M1, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

  • "I love the push notifications. The constantly appearing ‘1’ on the Osmosis app glares at me and says ‘Finish me! Finish me!’ Being the OCD person that I am, I like having my email inbox cleared out with 0 unread messages. I treat Osmosis similarly -- the need to complete is drives me to do those questions every day."

    — M1, University of Vermont School of Medicine

Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions because Osmosis is quite different from anything out there. We'll answer some of these questions here!

What are regular questions vs curated questions vs publisher questions?

Anyone can create questions on Osmosis and share with their classmates. For these questions, it's up to the class to rate and comment in order to ensure quality and accuracy. Curated questions are questions developed by the Osmosis team and our "Medical Contributors", "Medical Scholars", and "Clinical Advisors." These questions have been through a more intensive development and vetting process. Publisher questions are questions provided by our partnerships with major publishing companies.

This is a cool idea. How did Osmosis start?

Osmosis was born out of necessity. Ryan and Shiv met in anatomy as med students at Johns Hopkins and quickly realized that they were forgetting much of what they'd learned each time they moved on to a new block. Turns out that research shows med students forget up to 50% of what they've learned after the first year and over 66% of what they've learned over the course of 2 years. Osmosis was created to help med students break out of cram-forget cycles and maximize their learning efficiency.

I've answered all the questions and my scoreboard is bright green! How can I get more questions?

Check out the store!


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Shiv Gaglani


Shiv is an MD/MBA candidate at Johns Hopkins and Harvard Business School. He curated the Smartphone Physical at TEDMED 2013, and is an editor of Medgadget.

Ryan Haynes


Ryan is a second year MD candidate at Johns Hopkins with a PhD in neuroscience from Cambridge. He's a self-taught programmer with a track record in creating educational software.

Malcolm Balch

Lead Engineer

Osmosis crunches a ton of data to bring you what you need when you need it. A recent Oberlin CS graduate, Malcolm is the man behind the Osmosis recommendations machine.

Caleb Furnas

VP of Marketing and Account Management

Caleb helps medical students and educators dive into the 21st century. Before Osmosis he managed programs at a public policy and technology company. He's grown to accept that he looks like Neil Patrick Harris.

Sam Miller

Frontend Designer/Developer

Osmosis has a ton of awesome tools and features. Sam's mission is building the Osmosis "yellow brick road" by making our features fun and easy to use.

Chris Harvey

Frontend Developer

Chris is a graduate of Virginia Tech, former math teacher, and self-taught web developer. He lends his mathematical wizardy to the behind-the-scenes functions of the site. He's the man behind the curtain that we do pay attention to.

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