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Comprehensive video coverage of pathology and physiology now available only on Osmosis Prime with rapidly growing coverage of pharmacology and clinical reasoning.

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Osmosis really provides a lot of memory hooks for you. You can choose to use all of Osmosis’s flashcards, all of your own flashcards, or you can mix the two. The base idea is that using spaced repetition everyday is creating your foundation.

University of Miami
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Osmosis allows me to devote more time to leadership positions and my personal life while maintaining my academics. To be honest, my grades have improved only 4-6%, but I am able to do this spending significantly less time than I was previously. And the lecture analysis feature is such a powerful tool that allows me to not just see generic information, but a study aid specifically for my class. It's the whole package!

Frank Mayer
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
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Osmosis is the best tool for staying organized and integrating classwork with high yield resources, all in one platform. The Osmosis Flashcards are not only extremely relevant, but they also feature cross-references to additional resources. These flashcards, in conjunction with the Osmosis spaced repetition method, have helped me to remember details that I studied from past semesters. I feel that it will help me be more prepared when I begin preparing for Step 1.

Wade Licup
American University of the Caribbean
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Comprehensive video library

Access to over 1500 videos including comprehensive coverage of pathology and physiology and growing collection of pharmacology and clinical reasoning topics.

Flashcards powered by spaced repetition

When you’re about to forget something, Osmosis remembers. We’ll send you flashcards on that topic to test and reinforce your understanding.

Board-style questions to test and reinforce your knowledge

Each Osmosis question and answer is carefully written and reviewed by health professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of how the boards expect you to think.

Customized study schedules

Plug in your exam dates and the resources you want to use and we’ll provide you with a study schedule that’s completely customized to your goals.

Integration with other study resources

Find references to your favorite study tools, like Picmonic and SketchyMedical, for a more seamless study experience.

Offline mode

Study on-the-go with access to all of your downloaded flashcards and questions.

Over 1 million future clinicians rely on Osmosis

Angela Quental, University of Connecticut

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