Editorial Board

The Osmosis Medical Content Team works closely with a global network of over 100 doctors, nurses, and health experts across a wide range of specialty areas to ensure that Osmosis content is up to date, accurate, and helps you learn better.

Abimbola Farinde, PhD, PharmD

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer


Ahaana Singh

Content Manager


New York, New York

Ali Syed, HBSc, PharmD, RPh

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer


Amin Azzam, MD, MA

Director of Open Learning Initiatives & Lead Faculty Advisor


Oakland, CA

Antonella Melani, MD

Senior Scriptwriter


Milan, Italy

Gabrielle Proper, RN, BScN, MN

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer and Clinical Instructor


Ian Mannarino, MD, MBA

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer


Oceanside, CA

James Schurr, PharmD

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer


Lisa Miklush, PhD, RNC, CNS

Nursing Content Manager


Bozeman, MT

Maddison Caterine, MSc, MB, BCh, BAO

Director of Curriculum


Toronto, Canada

Rishi Desai, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer


Salma Ladhani, MD

Voiceover Artist


Toronto, Canada

Scott Caterine, BSc (Hons.), MSc, MB, BCh, BAO (Hons.)

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer


Toronto, Canada

Sean Tackett, MD, MPH

Director of Research & Faculty Advisor


Baltimore, MD

Thiago Bosco Mendes, MD

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer


Vincent Waldman, PhD

Head of Content Operations


Kansas City, MO

Viviana Popa, MD

Content Reviewer


Mare, Romania

Yifan Xiao, MD

Director of Script Writing


Bolingbrook, IL