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Registered Nursing (RN)


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Fundamentals Of Nursing

Nursing School Courses

Nursing Practice Concepts

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Nursing School Courses

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Fundamentals of nursing


Foundations of nursing

Skills notes

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Maternal-newborn nursing

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Medical-surgical nursing

Cardiovascular system

Endocrine system

Gastrointestinal system

Hematologic system

Immune system

Respiratory system

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Nursing pharmacology

Introduction to pharmacology

Anti-infective medications

Anthelmintics: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Aminoglycosides: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Antimycobacterials: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Beta lactam & beta lactamase inhibitor combinations: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Carbapenems & monobactams: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Cephalosporins: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Cyclic lipopeptides: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Fluoroquinolones: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Glycopeptides: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Lincosamides: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Macrolides: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Metronidazole: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Oxazolidinones: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Penicillins: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Tetracyclines & glycylcyclines: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Trimethoprim & sulfonamides: Nursing Pharmacology

Antibiotics - Polymyxins: Nursing Pharmacology

Antimalarials: Nursing Pharmacology

Antiprotozoals: Nursing Pharmacology

Antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS - CCR5 antagonists, fusion inhibitors, & attachment inhibitors: Nursing Pharmacology

Antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS - NRTIs & NNRTIs: Nursing Pharmacology

Antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS - Integrase strand transfer inhibitors: Nursing Pharmacology

Antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS - Protease inhibitors: Nursing Pharmacology

Antivirals for herpesviruses: Nursing Pharmacology

Antivirals for Hepatitis B & C: Nursing Pharmacology

Antivirals for influenza: Nursing Pharmacology

Chloramphenicol: Nursing Pharmacology

Medications for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): Nursing Pharmacology

Cardiovascular medications

Endocrine medications

Head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat medications

Gastrointestinal medications

Genitourinary medications

Hematologic medications

Immunologic medications

Integumentary medications

Maternal-newborn medications

Musculoskeletal medications

Neurologic medications

Oncological medications

Psychiatric medications

Respiratory medications

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Pediatric nursing

Hematologic system

Nursing Practice Concepts

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Care delivery

Health care delivery systems


Leadership and management

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Client attribute concepts


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Homeostasis and regulation

Cellular and hormonal regulation

Clinical nursing care


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Oxygenation and homeostasis

Gas exchange


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Protection and movement

Comfort and palliation

Nursing across the lifespan


Nursing pharmacology

Osmosis Nursing Series

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Clinical nursing care

Cardiovascular system