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As nursing evolves, today’s nurses need greater critical thinking skills, higher emotional intelligence, resilient soft skills. And, a deeper understanding of their patients. Osmosis is here to help change nursing education and help you gain these crucial skills.With our new RN Library, not only will you learn what you need to pass your exams…PLUS, check out our NEW Nursing Process (ADPIE) and Pharmacology videos along with med tables and new NCLEX-RN® questions! These powerful, new tools give you the knowledge you’ll need in your classes and in the real practice. 

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New Nursing Process videos help you beat impostor syndrome

With our new Nursing Process video series, you’ll challenge your clinical decision-making skills in the same way the NCLEX-RN® does. Covering dozens of key topics to help you visually understand how to Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement & Evaluate (ADPIE), you’ll get the critical and clinical thinking skills you need to succeed in your nursing career.

Gain confidence in your knowledge and practice with our RN library

NEW: Nursing Pharmacology videos & practice questions

Learn your roles and responsibilities when managing medications, therapies, and clients. With 100+ videos—and 700 complementary questions—that cover major meds and pharmacologic therapies, you’ll simplify one of the most intimidating subjects in nursing school. Coming Fall 2021.

Clinical Nursing Care Series

To help you become a compassionate and insightful nurse, these 50+ videos and 1,500 accompanying NCLEX-style questions will teach you nursing care in clinical settings. From caring for clients with diseases to knowing how to discuss contraception, this set of videos will help you gain confidence in your nursing abilities. Coming soon.

Nursing Clinical Skills videos & notes

Feel more confident in clinical settings with these live-action videos. They’ll help you solidify the basic nursing skills you’ll learn in “Fundamentals of Nursing”, and help you review your essential clinical skills. Both the videos and their 30+ companion, illustrated notes help you apply what you’ve learned so you’re better prepared for real-life nursing.

Coming Soon: Additional Nursing Video Series

To help you become a resilient, versatile nurse, these 131 videos will help you across many nuanced topics: Mental Health, Nursing Across the Lifespan, Culturally Relevant Care, and Nursing Leadership and Management. Along with 1,300+ NCLEX-style questions, you’ll get the knowledge you need to provide the best care possible. Coming soon.

Mental Health

Nursing Across the Lifespan

Culturally Relevant Care

Leadership & Management

New focus on DEI and Social Determinants of Health

Osmosis learners are better prepared for the future of nursing. Here's why...

In the NAP's The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity (2021) report, a new direction for the nursing profession is clear: A larger focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and the social aspects of patient care. With this in mind, our entire RN Library has been infused with this philosophy. You can trust that you're learning the modern way. 

New NCLEX-RN®-style questions

Remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create outcomes with confidence. Instead of heading into the exam feeling stressed and overwhelmed, these 1,200 brand new NCLEX-RN-style questions (including NGN) prepare you for exactly what you’ll see on exam day. 

How to Pass the NCLEX-RN®: The Osmosis Ultimate NCLEX RN Study Guide


The NCLEX-RN® is long and time-consuming and makes nursing school grads nervous. However, with proper preparation, you can conquer this exam! Learn how to study for and pass the NCLEX-RN with this Osmosis Ultimate Guide.
  • NCLEX-RN® Ultimate Guide

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  • Next Generation NCLEX Misinformation
    Osmosis An Osmosis video exists for this concept advisor, Dr. Sharon Goldfarb will shed light on the changes to the NCLEX exam, what motivated these changes, and how you can best prepare.
  • Pairing Teaching With Lifelong Learning - Dr. Sharon Goldfarb, Former Dean of Health Sciences at College of Marin
    Dr. Goldfarb hopes people of all ages that are looking for great careers find their calling in the vast, booming field of medicine.

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