Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship

The Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF) program is an application-only facet for student advocates who want to share Osmosis with their classmates. Join a program that helps grow, develop, and empower Osmosis learners to become leaders at their institutions who help to spread the Osmosis culture and values to learners across the globe. 

Opportunities Abound

Online Study Groups

Skill-Sharing Events

Host Virtual Events

Test-Drive Osmosis Features & Initiatives

Research Opportunities or Collaborations


Global first- or second-year medical student (MD/DO/MBBS) in good academic standing, as well as those completing an iBSc or equivalent. Students beyond their second year must prove they can balance both their studies and OMEF responsibilities in their application.
  • Smriti at St. George's University London in Cyprus
  • Brian at AT Still University
  • Angela at the University of Guadalajara
  • Darren at University of Illinois Chicago
  • Tom at Stellenbosch University

Applications are rolling
Next cohort begins August 2021 | Program is conducted in English | Upon acceptance, an OMEF agrees to be an exclusive Osmosis ambassador

One of our values is to “Open Your Arms”. In line with this, if you have any specific needs that may require a different method for application submission, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Semesters are:
Spring | January through April
Fall | August through November 
Optional | December & May

What OMEFs Have Created

  • A CPU project with an Osmosis team

  • The STEP journey guide specifically for International Medical Graduates [IMGs] 

  • mentorship initiative with pre-med students

  • Joining an annual Wikipedia Editing Course as well as, co-creating an evergreen course with Dr. Amin Azzam

  • Tea Times or ad hoc, virtual meetups with other OMEFs to talk shop, learn from each other, and stay accountable 


Osmosis team members you'll most often come in contact with throughout the program tenure

  • Victoria Cumberbatch | Community Manager
  • Shiv Gaglani, MBA | CoFounder & CEO
  • Dr. Amin Azzam | Wikipedia Editing Course 
  • Hillary Acer | Director of People Operations & Customer Success
  • Fergus Baird | Content Marketing Manager
  • Dr. Rishi Desai | Chief Medical Officer

2020 - 2021 Demographics

Based upon an annual, optional survey