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As a future nurse practitioner, you’re inundated with so much information, it’s difficult to know what’s important. Osmosis helps you retain, understand, and review your NP course topics more efficiently. Excel in your courses, feel more prepared for tests and exams, and gain the confidence to provide the best care possible when you learn by Osmosis.

Videos created by medical experts

Up-to-date, accurate information so you stay a step ahead

  • Over 1,700 videos
  • Fun, short, and easy to digest
  • Comprehensive coverage of Foundational sciences and Organ systems, plus essential topics for patient care

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Quiz yourself at optimal intervals for maximum retention

  • Over 15,000 flashcards written and reviewed by medical professionals
  • Spaced repetition sends you specific flashcards at key intervals so you don't forget

Questions to ensure you’ve got things down

Test your clinical knowledge with practice questions

  • 2,700+ rigorously reviewed, board-style foundational and clinical questions
  • Solidify and reinforce your understanding
  • Includes detailed correct and incorrect answer explanations written and reviewed by health professionals

High-Yield Notes so you focus on the important stuff

Summarize Pathology and Physiology, saving you time and stress

  • 1,200+ beautifully illustrated notes with full-color images and tables
  • Separated into pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for easy studying

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