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Prep for USMLE® Step 1 With Osmosis’s Brand New High-Yield Pathology Videos

Osmosis Team
Published on Feb 6, 2020. Updated on Sep 25, 2020.

Osmosis is known for producing fun and accessible videos that help students learn medicine and health science more effectively. The Osmosis library offers comprehensive coverage of the PathologyPhysiology, and Pharmacology content you need to know for exams like USMLE® Step 1 and COMLEX-USA® Level 1, a full series on the Learning Science methods that inform your study experience at Osmosis, as well as Clinical Reasoning and Clinician’s Corner videos to help you succeed on your clerkships.

Now, a new series is in town: Osmosis High-Yield Pathology videos.

What are Osmosis High-Yield Pathology Videos?

In general, we try to keep Osmosis videos as clear and concise as possible. Students often tell us that a single Osmosis video covers an entire lecture or even 2–3 lectures’ worth of material in  10 minutes or less. And we’re always happy to hear that!

For some of you, though, our basic pathology videos weren’t quite high-yield enough. You watched them for class, and you learned a lot, but when it was time for dedicated board prep, you found yourself craving even more efficiency—the highest yield pathology resources possible.

Challenge accepted!

Osmosis High-Yield Pathology videos give you high-yield on top of your high-yield. We’ve designed these videos to be one of the best resources for Step 1 prep. The Osmosis High-Yield Pathology video series delivers hyper-focused content that is:

  • Highly efficient
  • Not redundant
  • Focused specifically on key points of confusion
  • Geared towards helping you answer Step 1 questions correctly and confidently 

What topics are covered in the Osmosis High-Yield Pathology series?

Osmosis High-Yield Videos offer comprehensive coverage of the pathology fields you’ll need to know for your first set of board exams. The Osmosis High-Yield Pathology video library contains content on:

So, how “high-yield” are these High-Yield Pathology videos?

Extremely. High-Yield Pathology videos cover the most essential content. Everything in these videos can be filed under “need-to-know.” We recommend watching them after you’ve completed our basic pathology videos. 

For those of you in the final stages of board prep—those last stressful days—we’ve marked the highest-yield content with a gold star that reads “HIGH YIELD” and even "HIGHEST YIELD." You can’t miss them!

Why should I use Osmosis High-Yield Pathology videos over other resources like Pathoma or Boards and Beyond

Great question! Let’s count the reasons why Osmosis high-yield is the best high-yield:

  1. Osmosis videos are shorter and more efficient than Pathoma and Boards and Beyond. They are scripted to make sure each.word.counts. No extra rambling sentences—get everything you need without the stuff you don't.

  2. Osmosis videos cover more content than Pathoma.

  3. Osmosis videos are more visually engaging, with hand-drawn animations (nary a PowerPoint in sight!), memorable sound effects, and of course, those high-yield stars.

  4. Osmosis videos contain clear and easy-to-understand diagrams, and charts on must-know facts.

  5. Osmosis videos have case-based memory hooks to help you remember the material more easily.

  6. Osmosis videos have a helpful timeline feature so that you always know where you are  in the middle of a video, and can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

Does Osmosis have more High-Yield content planned?

Yes, we do! Here’s what’s on the docket for 2020…

Anatomy videos

Osmosis’s upcoming anatomy videos offer a deep dive on the body’s structural components. A subset of these videos that will highlight the important anatomy of each region of the body as it relates to clinical practice. 

We'll be rolling out learning objectives across more and more of our content, so be on the lookout for them later this year!

Learning Objectives

Dr. Maddison Caterine, Director of Curriculum at Osmosis, is currently hard at work putting together specific learning objectives to align with our video, notes, and practice question content. These learning objectives give you clear goals to work towards—it’s like a checklist of everything you should know at the end of a video.

Osmosis Step 1 Review Questions

The Osmosis Question Writing team is currently working on practice Step 1-style practice questions that correlate directly with the content you learn from our Step 1 review videos. 

These brand new Step 1 Review Questions are slated to arrive on Osmosis Prime by summer 2020.

Osmosis High-Yield Pharmacology & Clinical Reasoning Notes

The Osmosis Content team is currently working on High-Yield Notes for pharmacology and clinical reasoning (clerkships). Our goal is to have pharmacology notes uploaded to the platform by the end of 2020, with clinical reasoning content to come at a later date. 

These notes will be rolled out gradually as they become available—some will be available sooner than you think!

Are board exams on your horizon this year? Level up your USMLE® Step 1 prep with High Yield resources on Osmosis Prime. Sign up today.


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