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Studying Smarter with Osmosis, the Best Videos for Medical School Review

Morgan Duce
Published on Jun 30, 2020. Updated on Aug 30, 2023.

Want to learn how to study smarter? Osmosis can be a great tool to help with studying more efficiently. Read Morgan’s testimonial below to see how you can study smarter for medical school with Osmosis, which features the best videos for medical school review.   

During the first five months of medical school, I often felt behind and I seemed to be studying the wrong information. I was working hard, spending many hours going over my course lecture material, but during collaborative sessions, it seemed like I was always missing out on the important topics. At my institution (the University of Wollongong in Australia), at the end of every two weeks, we have a wrap-up session on the topic we were studying. After one hour of what was supposed to be a medical school review session, I would have a pit in my stomach because I realized I had been studying other things.

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Discovering Osmosis Medical School Review Videos

After being discouraged and wondering how all of my classmates knew where to spend their time, I talked to several people about what to do. Several of my classmates advised me to look into Osmosis, so I signed up for a free trial. After the first day, I knew I was going to get a subscription. I am a very visual learner and the whiteboard animations helped tremendously. Not only was I impressed at how the material was presented, but I found that Osmosis mainly focuses on the important information as well. Instead of spending too much time going over small details, I found I was more able to grasp the larger concepts I was expected to know. Osmosis also has coincided well with my lectures: during our neurology block, I found the Osmosis neurology videos lined up with many of the lectures we had. Watching the videos before the lectures has been extremely helpful for learning and retaining important information.

How Osmosis review videos help me save time in medical school 

Osmosis medical school review videos are also a quick and easy way to find a good learning resource. Before, I found myself taking up too much time looking in the table of contents or glossaries of textbooks to find a concept or term, but now, a quick search in Osmosis takes me to where I want to go instantly.  Not only am I able to learn more effectively from the videos, but I often find the 8-minute videos more helpful than 1 hour lectures on the same topic. For me, I found that an hour sitting at my desk going through Osmosis videos, and quizzing my knowledge with flashcards resulted in better learning outcomes versus just sitting in on lectures.

Getting through medical school isn’t just about working hard, but also working efficiently and managing your time properly. We all hear the horror stories of medical students who study from early in the morning to late at night, seven days a week. For me, I found that using Osmosis not only helped me find the right material to focus my time on, but helped me to take in information faster, giving me more time in the day to cover more material. I found that through time management and Osmosis, I was able to find time for the things I enjoy outside of medical school and live a more balanced lifestyle

Having Osmosis as a learning resource that makes it quick and easy to find the right material has boosted my confidence as a medical student. Prior to using Osmosis, I worked hard but not smart. Now I am working smarter.

About Morgan

Morgan Duce is a second year medical student from Alberta Canada, studying at the University of Wollongong in Australia. He is considering specializing in sports medicine. Morgan likes to be active and enjoys playing basketball, tennis and skiing. When he’s not at the hospital or studying, he is spending time with his wife and two kids.


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