The cardiologist and the avoidable lawsuit (Coverys)


Joseph Hoff was a 66-year-old man.

He was originally from Germany, and his family moved to the United States when he was 3 years old.

Joseph grew up in Chicago and then settled in Omaha, Nebraska, where he ran a family business - furniture restoration and repair.

He loved the midwest and never really wanted to leave.

One afternoon, Joseph was repairing an old cupboard with his son, when his heart started pounding in his chest.

He felt out of breath and sat down on the cement floor, and before he knew it, he was lying down on the floor.

His son ran over and didn’t waste any time, as he called for emergency services.

About 15 minutes later, Joseph and his son were being taken into the Emergency Department.

The emergency room team was notified that he was arriving, and a team of folks worked in unison to get him treated.

Among other things, they set up monitors and IV lines placed, obtained lab work, and performed an ECG..

A few minutes later, Dr. Daria Baldwin, the cardiologist, came down to see him.

She was handed the ECG.

She look at the tracing and shouted “he has ongoing V-tach, let’s give him amiodarone.”

Within a few hours, Joseph was stable.

He was sent up to the medical floor for observation.

Dr. Baldwin swung by to pay him a visit him and explained that she had reviewed his medical chart and that she wanted him to continue taking amiodarone.

She said, “alright Joseph, we’ll place you on the loading dose of 1200mg of amiodarone.

Is that clear?” Joseph nodded.

She also told him to make a follow up appointment with her next week in order to check his condition and reduce the amiodarone dose.

One week later Joseph arrived for his appointment.

Dr. Baldwin asked Joseph if he experienced any exhaustion, fluttering in his chest, or shortness of breath lately, but Joseph said no.