General information

Milan, Italy

Antonella Melani, MD

Senior Scriptwriter

Dr. Antonella Melani (MD) is a physician who graduated summa cum laude from medical school at Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan, Italy in 2018. She started working for Osmosis in 2017 and, after getting her medical degree, decided to postpone her medical residency and continue her professional growth with Osmosis. Antonella is currently a Senior Scriptwriter for Osmosis. She also works on different projects including script editing, clinical reasoning notes, and social posts. When not working, you can probably find Antonella cooking or eating—food is her true passion! Additional hobbies of hers include painting, singing, and traveling. In fact, since graduating from medical school, Antonella hasn’t been in the same city for more than a month!