General information

Toronto, Ontario

David Clay, MSc, BSc

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer

David Clay (MSc, BSc [Hons]) obtained his Master of Science degree in Clinical Anatomy at Western University in Canada. During his Master’s, he taught anatomy to medical, dentistry, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy students in lecture, tutorial and cadaver lab settings, and received hisWestern Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.Through these experiences, David garnered a true passion for educating healthcare professionals and, upon graduating, he became a faculty member at HumberCollege in Toronto, where he currently teaches human anatomy and physiology courses within the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness. David enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for anatomy with his students and relishes theopportunity to contribute to program curriculum development and course design where he incorporates learner‐centeredapproaches to anatomy education. David enthusiastically joined the Osmosis team in 2020 as a Faculty Reviewer, where he reviews and edits content for the anatomy video series. He also delivers private tutoring sessions to college and university students. When he is not teaching anatomy, David spends his time travelling,playing sports and dabbling in comedy by writing jokes that he sometimes performs to large audiences of wedding guests but more commonly to small audiences of neighbourhood pets.


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