General information

ON, Canada

Kaitlin Marshall, M.Sc., B.Sc

Osmosis Faculty Reciewer

Kaitlin Marshall completed her Masters in Clinical Anatomy at the University of Western Ontario, where she created a 3D anatomical map of the inguinal lymph nodes as part of her research to aid in urologic surgeries. During her Masters, she also obtained her Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning and taught anatomy to undergraduate, masters, physiotherapy, radiology, medical and pathologists’ assistant students in both the classroom and cadaver lab. Before her Masters, she worked as an Assistant Prosector for the Education Program in Anatomy at McMaster University preparing specimens for anatomical education. Currently, Kaitlin also works as an Anatomical Specimen Scanning Technician at the University of Toronto creating online 3D models of anatomical prosections to support the need for more distance learning resources. On many occasions Kaitlin has been referred to as an anatomy nerd (she even turned her own surgery into an anatomy lesson!) and is passionate about making anatomical learning fun, so she was very excited to join the team as a Faculty Reviewer for the Osmosis anatomy series. You can catch Kaitlin taking photos, buying new plants and almost always with a cup of coffee in hand.


  • Marshall K, Nair SM, Willmore KE, Beveridge TS, Power NS. Anatomical characterization of the inguinal lymph nodes using microcomputed tomography to inform radical inguinal lymph node dissections in penile cancer. J Surg Oncol. 2020; 1–6.