General information

Iowa City, IA

Katie Schultz, MD, MEd, FAAP

Clinical Content Editor, Pediatrics

Dr. Katie Schultz joined Osmosis in February 2023 as a Clinical Content Editor for the pediatrics portion of the Clinical Sciences project and is excited to be part of the Osmosis team. They are trained as both a general pediatrician and pediatric rheumatologist and believe in wholistic care that is patient centered. Dr. Schultz has long held a passion for health professions education, beginning in medical school, where they co-created and taught a course to medical students about caring for patients with disabilities, and extending into their graduate training with health professions education research. They have been awarded multiple national and regional grants to support their research. They also obtained a Master's Degree in Medical Education (MEd) and plan to start a PhD in health professions education. When they're not working, Dr. Schultz loves playing board games, watching movies while crocheting, drawing on their iPad, and spending time outside with their wife and two dogs.