General information

Toronto, Canada

Salma Ladhani, MD

Voiceover Artist

Dr. Salma Ladhani (MD) is privileged to blend her passions for teaching and medicine in narrating medical videos as a Voiceover Artist at Osmosis. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in International Development. Dr. Ladhani then pursued medicine at Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts and achieved her MD with clinical rotations in the U.S. and Canada with a particular focus in Pediatrics. Dr. Ladhani was also a member of the Pediatric Endocrinology Research Team at McMaster Children’s Hospital and, in this role, contributed to three studies and recruited participants for the Canadian Study of Determinants of Endometabolic Health in Children (CanDECIDE) in various hospital clinics. With Osmosis, Dr. Ladhani’s primary role is as a Voiceover Artist where she uses her skills as an educator to explain medical concepts in a fun yet informative way. In addition to this role, Dr. Ladhani also occasionally assists with video review and writing marketing posts for Osmosis social media pages. In her spare time, Dr. Ladhani can be found singing with the Classic Blend Ladies Barbershop Chorus, working as a freelance photographer, practicing the PiYo workout, or learning a new language.



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