Become a Master Clinician and Ace USMLE Step 2 with Osmosis

Osmosis Team
Published on Feb 7, 2019. Updated on Aug 1, 2021.

Osmosis has been working hard to develop clinical content for those studying for USMLE® Step 2 or currently in clinical rotations at hospitals so you can develop the skills you need to become a master clinician. Here are several resources that Osmosis provides and is rapidly expanding on:

Level up your clinical reasoning skills with the Clinical Reasoning playlist

This series helps you master the clinical reasoning concepts that you'll need to diagnose and treat various conditions you might see on the wards (and impress your attendings with your clinical knowledge). This series is rapidly growing and will be complete by summer 2019.

Explore our Clinical Reasoning Library

Acquire other essential professional skills with Dr. Rishi Desai and other health professionals in the Clinician’s Corner

Osmosis’s team of current and future clinicians share their tips on how to succeed in the health field as a student and as a full-fledged professional.

Learn from the Master

Apply your knowledge and boost your confidence with our USMLE® Step 2 question bank

Strengthen your understanding with over 3,500 Osmosis case questions for USMLE® Step 2. Each Osmosis question comes with a detailed answer explanation that is carefully written and reviewed by health professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of how you’re expected to think for the boards.

Apply your Knowledge

Review high-yield content with the Osmosis High-Yield Pathology Notes

Osmosis High-Yield Pathology Notes covers almost 1,000 topics with concise descriptions, full-color images and tables, and extra-wide margins for notes. Each condition is clearly separated into pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment sections, so you can quickly identify exactly what you need to remember. Our table of contents even outlines which pathologies you’ll encounter (and which you won’t!) on the USMLE®, NCLEX-RN®, PANCE®, and COMLEX-USA® exams.

Experience Osmosis's pathology videos in print form by looking for the High-Yield Notes button under the video on the learn pages. Check out this example on Heart Failure

Osmosis High-Yield Pathology Notes

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