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How To Use Osmosis To Help You Thrive During Clinical Rotations

Osmosis Team
Jan 30, 2024

Embarking On Your Clinical Journey

Clinical rotations mark a pivotal point in your journey to becoming a medical professional. Stepping into the realm of real-world health care introduces a unique set of expectations, routines, and challenges that may seem formidable. So, while keeping up with your studies can seem daunting, you can thrive during your clerkships with the proper preparation and perspective. Let's explore how Osmosis from Elsevier can empower you during your clerkships. 

Solidify Your Understanding of Basic Sciences

Your success in clinical rotations relies heavily on a solid grasp of fundamental sciences, forming the bedrock of your learning and practice. Integrating pre-clerkship knowledge into your daily work is essential for effective diagnosis and patient management. Osmosis from Elsevier offers an extensive selection of concise, visually engaging basic sciences videos, along with high-yield notes and flashcards powered by spaced repetition. These expertly-developed resources make reviewing your pre-clerkship knowledge easier and optimize your learning experience during clinical rotations.

Leveraging Osmosis to Enhance Clinical Knowledge and Experience

The learning experience during clinical rotations differs significantly from the pre-clerkship period. You'll be placed in a practical setting where you'll engage directly with patients and apply your theoretical understanding of their complaints to manage their cases. This phase of your medical education also exposes you to a constant flow of knowledge from patient interactions and clinical insights during rounds, along with learning how to interpret test and imaging results. 

Not only do you need to find effective ways to learn an extensive amount of medical knowledge within a limited timeframe – which can be a difficult and demanding experience – but you also need to be able to apply it during your clerkships. 

Fortunately, Osmosis now offers Clinical Sciences content, providing a helpful way to study during clinicals. The Osmosis Clinical Sciences library provides expertly-scoped videos for first-time clinical learners, explaining the reasoning behind each clinical decision, along with helpful decision-making trees (DMT) to help you think like a clinician. This expertly developed content will prove invaluable when you're gearing up for a new rotation, providing essential foundational knowledge to streamline your interactions with patients and impress your attending. Given their brevity, these videos are ideal for efficient learning, which is essential when you have limited study time. 

I also recommend using the flashcard feature (with the customization option) to master the multitude of new concepts and terminologies you'll encounter in your rotations. You can conveniently review them on your computer or mobile phone during your free time.

Preparing for the End of Rotations: Tests and Exams

Preparing for tests and exams during a clinical rotation comes with distinct challenges, with the most significant constraint being limited time. By integrating Osmosis from Elsevier into your study routine, you'll simplify the process of preparing for assessments. You can use the Osmosis quiz builder tool to develop and take quizzes from a substantial question bank that spans various clinical rotations and features USMLE-style questions. 

In addition to being useful in preparing for exams or tests, Osmosis from Elsevier also offers clerkship-specific study schedules to pair with their clinical content to make it easier to stay on track with your studies.

Elevating Your Clinical Experience with the "Raise the Line" Podcast

Stumbling upon the Osmosis from Elsevier's Raise the Line podcast was an unexpected and delightful surprise while perusing the website. The podcast's episodes are profoundly enlightening and thought-provoking, featuring guests such as Mark Cuban (founder of CostPlus Drug Company), Arianna Huffington (founder of Thrive Global), Ashish Jha (former White House COVID-19 Coordinator), and Elizabeth Iro (former Chief Nursing Officer at the World Health Organization). 

So, while it may not directly contribute to higher test scores, these podcast episodes are a treasure trove of contemporary trends, medical innovations, and personal anecdotes from health professionals. Each episode is a source of inspiration and motivation, encouraging you to strive for excellence in your medical journey. I firmly believe that dedicating your limited leisure time to listening to this podcast is a rewarding and constructive endeavor.


As you make your way through this stage of your learning journey, keep in mind that thriving during clinical rotations requires dedication, resilience, and a commitment to continuous learning. The road to becoming an exceptional health professional is paved with continuous learning and adaptability. With dedication, resilience, and support from the Osmosis Suite, you'll be well on your way to becoming the exceptional health professional you aspire to be.

About the Author

Kehinde Arokoyo is a fifth-year dental student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a member of the Osmosis Health Leadership Initiative. He dreams of becoming a world-renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon and is diligently working towards turning his dream into a remarkable reality. Kehinde enjoys taking long walks and playing basketball with friends during his leisure time.