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New Jersey

Maria Pfrommer, DNP, Ph.D., FNP-BC, RN

Director of Nursing Education

Dr. Maria Pfrommer is the Director of Nursing Education from Osmosis at Elsevier. Dr. Pfrommer conferred the Doctor of Nursing (DNP) from Duke University, a Ph.D. in Post-Secondary Education from Capella University and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Thomas Jefferson University. Maria brings a wealth of experience in curriculum development, publishing, presenting, and teaching in healthcare. Maria has provided faculty and student development for Elsevier since 2005 on Evolve and has worked on various instructor and student projects as an SME with Elsevier including HESI, Sherpath, Test Banks, TEACH Lessons, case studies, and video scripts, Maria is a seasoned professor of nursing and academic administrator who as the director of NP and DNP online programs. Maria is from Moorestown, NJ and in her free time, Maria enjoys spending time with family at the jersey shore (Cape May, NJ), is in a bowling league, and is currently learning how to golf!


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