Diffusion Studios: Create Osmosis-Style Videos for Your Organization

Osmosis Team
Published on Jul 6, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

Have you ever watched an Osmosis video and thought, “I’d like to create this type of engaging video content for my organization?” With the help of the Diffusion Studios team at Osmosis, you can do just that. In today’s post, we will introduce you to Diffusion Studios, the services offered, and a few of the organizations we are proud to partner with.

What is Diffusion Studios and how can we help you?

Diffusion Studios partners with health systems, hospitals, insurance providers, patient advocacy organizations, educational facilities, and other companies and organizations to produce high-quality educational videos and courses for their patients, members, teammates, and communities.

Here’s an example of a video that Diffusion Studios produced in collaboration with the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD®):

And, here’s another example of a series of videos we produced for Coverys.

If you have a challenging topic you’re struggling to bring to life, have a message you want to share with a larger audience, or are looking for a better way to engage with your audience, Diffusion Studios can help you create captivating videos and courses.

The Diffusion Studios team works with you to communicate your message via clear, engaging, and concise animations—just like the ones you see in videos on Osmosis. Each video created by Diffusion Studios incorporates the multimedia design best practices, such as content chunking, that you find in every video on Osmosis.

Services offered by Diffusion Studios

Diffusion Studios offers several different services to help you create compelling content for your community. They include:

• Custom video creation. The Diffusion Studios team will collaborate with you in every step of the video production process, from scriptwriting to storyboarding to video production and distribution. These videos can be completely animated or include both live video and animated video.

• Embedded subtitles. Do you want to create a video in English and embed subtitles for another language in it? Diffusion Studios can help you translate your video and embed subtitles in it so you can reach a global audience.

• Course creation. Interested in creating a video course for your students, members, customers, or team members? Diffusion Studios has worked with partners to create new courses for them and can do the same thing for you.

• Offer licenses to existing content. If you see Osmosis content on topics that you’d like to share directly with your audience or include in your curricula but haven’t covered yet, you can work with Diffusion Studios to license it for your project or organization.

• Sponsored updates. Are you interested in working with Osmosis to update a video on our platform? With sponsored updates, you can get involved in the creative process of updating video(s). When you sponsor a video update, your organization’s branding will be added to the video that will be shared on the Osmosis platform(s).

When you work with Diffusion Studios, you own the videos and courses created just for you. Custom content created in collaboration with Diffusion Studios partners may also be included in the Osmosis video library where it is available to more than 1,000,000 registered learners—this is a mutual decision driven by our partners' goals.

Organizations that have worked with Diffusion Studios

The Diffusion Studios team has partnered with many outstanding organizations. In addition to NORD® and Coverys, which we mentioned above, Diffusion Studios has created video content for groups like:

LifeBridge Health®

The American Board of Medical Specialties®

The Patellofemoral Foundation


Johns Hopkins University

The International Food Information Council Foundation

• And many others


Are you interested in working with Diffusion Studios to create video content for your audience? Please enter your information here or contact us at [email protected] to start a conversation about your project.

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