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Published on Jun 19, 2013. Updated on Invalid date.

Though Osmosis has a core team of five, we couldn't do anything without our interns bringing us coffee. Just kidding! At least about the coffee. We really couldn't do a lot without them. We usually steal their phones to test Osmosis on, and when they can no longer text, they do a ton of research for us and collate papers. I could introduce them all, but I think I'm going to let them introduce themselves!

Hi, I'm Brandon. I'm currently majoring in entrepreneurship at Temple and I'm excited to sprint out those doors at the end of August. I really love working for Osmosis at Venturef0rth. Everyone here has a great sense of humor (especially Allison) and they're very chill. Even though we're always having fun, the team is very focused on revolutionizing education and is very hardworking.

Put 'er there, I'm Jess Smith. I recently just graduated from Temple University (did it in four years, now that's an accomplishment). I actually went into school as a Broadcasting major thinking that I would pursue my own talk show one day, but a professor turned me onto Moore's Law sophomore year and I've been a tech-nerd ever since. I wish to be the founder of my own tech-startup one day, so working with Osmosis is a great experience for me. Don't get me wrong- I don't know a thing about the medical industry, but it's pretty cool to work with a young company who is working to improve education as a whole with the use of technology. Working at the Venturef0rth incubator is pretty cool too, as each company has taught me a lot; it also helps that there are craft brews in the fridge at all times. In my spare time I like to find the best restaurants in Philadelphia and hang out with my dog Zoey.

My name is Emily Rappoport and I am an intern for Osmosis and a current junior at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. I am majoring in Information Science, taking courses in the Computer Science department and other relevant pre-business courses in departments like Industrial Engineering, Sociology, and Statistics. I am a member of Delta Gamma Fraternity, Women in Computer Science, and Scientista. After attending an Entrepreneurs Roundtable at NYU, I started looking for an internship in the venture capital and startup world. I like working with Osmosis because they have good snacks and it might eventually help me osmose my Computer Science vocab by the time I graduate college.

Hello people of the world, I'm Justin Wang. I'm an intern for Osmosis and currently a rising sophomore at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I'm studying Business with plans to concentrate in Finance, Accounting, and Operations and Information Management. I'm also considering supplementing my current academics with a minor in either Economics or International Relations. I'm a member of the Wharton Asia Exchange and a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. I had a passion for medicine in high school, but, having not pursued it, don't know the least bit about the medical field today. Still, I like working with Osmosis because it is extremely relaxed, helps me to rekindle my old interest, and allows me to experience the innovative fields of med tech and ed tech firsthand. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and League of Legends.

After graduating from Oberlin with a B.A. in Politics and Economics, David secretly jumped in Malcolm's trunk when he drove from Oberlin to Philly. Now he is working with Shiv on business development.

Hey guys!  My name is Greg Chen, and I’m a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business.  I am currently undecided on what I want to concentrate in, but I’m looking into healthcare managements, legal studies& business ethics, and finance.  Down the road, I want to become a teacher or professor of higher education and bring about a positive social change for the community.

When I’m not working (i.e, what I do with the majority of my time) I enjoy practicing the violin, being r
eckless in poker, relaxing with some PC games, relieving stress by running, and fooling around with friends. I’m also fascinated with human psychology.  This is a case which demonstrates how powerful people’s unwillingness to change and take initiative really is.  On American driver’s license cards, there is a box that you have to check if you want to donate your organs after your death.  About 15% of Americans check this box.  In Europe, the box for donating your organs is checked for you and you have to uncheck it if you don’t want your organs donated.  Astonishingly, 80% of Europeans donate their organs after death.  This is all because of a checked box! 

I am extremely excited to be interning at Osmosis, and I firmly believe that it has the potential to change lives, bring about a positive social change in medical education, and reducing the amount of all-nighters one pulls!

Hey, I'm Sam Davis and I'm currently attending Springfield Township High School, in the class of 2016. I don't really have an idea of what career I want to pursue but this internship is pretty cool. The working environment is awesome and the people are focused and fun to be around.

What's up! My name is Nebiyu Osman but everyone calls me Neb. I'm a senior at Penn majoring in biology. I'm also a pre-medical student and recent MCAT survivor. I started working with Osmosis shortly after taking my MCAT and immediately saw how my preparation (cramming, let's be honest) could have been more effective and less stressful with the help of their product. My father, an orthopedic surgeon that was trained abroad (ages ago), when hearing about my pre-med experience in college noted how surprised he was by how little the way students learn has changed since his day -- particularly when juxtaposed with the rapidly evolving technology of our time. I'm excited to help Osmosis meet some of the needs of the neurotic pre-meds out there!