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November 2019 Product Update: Leverage the Power of Custom Playlists on Osmosis

Osmosis Team
Published on Nov 19, 2019. Updated on Invalid date.

It’s time for another Osmosis Product update! We’ve spent the last month iterating on Custom Playlists and the Dashboard to give you an even better experience when learning by Osmosis. 

These changes will make it much easier for users to enjoy Osmosis videos, whether you’re studying pathophysiology or preparing for your clerkships. 

So, what’s new on Osmosis? 

Playlists are now shareable

You can now share playlists with your peers using the Share button. Enter their email and they’ll receive an update from Osmosis that includes your Playlist. This feature is available on desktop.

Playlists have been enhanced

When we introduced Custom Playlists, they were video-only. Now you can add any Learn Page to your playlist, including:

  • Anatomy pages

  • Pages with Osmosis High-Yield Notes

  • Pages that include only flashcards and questions

The result? A more complete, customized learning experience that you can share with your classmates.

Extra quality of life features

We’ve also enhanced Playlists by giving you the power to…

  • Copy someone else’s Playlist (and modify it to fit your needs!)

  • See the author and follower count on each Playlist

  • Track your progress in a Playlist via a new icon

  • View your own Playlists on Osmosis Mobile

Dashboard updates

Now when watching Osmosis videos, you can:

  • Track your recent searches

  • Find recently-watched Playlists

  • Pick up where you left off in a video

Enjoy a more convenient, Netflix-like experience as you learn. 

Notifications updates

Finally, we’ve improved how we deliver notifications on the platform. On the web version, you’ll find a new Notifications section (the bell icon in the upper-right) where we’ll deliver Osmosis news including giveaways to earn free swag, scholarship updates, and more. You should receive fewer in-app messages as a result!

Finally, Osmosis Mobile now recommends videos based on content you’ve previously watched. This should help you keep up the pace of your studying so you can stay on track.

What Osmosis learners are saying about Custom Playlists

“I'm making playlists for each of my clinical rotations like Women's Health, Pediatrics, etc. I add videos based on clinical presentations I see, or content I know I'll need to cover. Playlists made Osmosis a way more effective learning tool for me!” - Alexandra Fouts, PA-2, Rocky Vista University Longmount

Now it’s time for you to build a Custom Playlist to share with your classmates. 

Get started on Osmosis Prime.