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Osmosis Team Spotlight: Samantha McBundy

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Published on Feb 11, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

Today’s Osmosis Teammate Spotlight introduces Samantha McBundy, Content Manager, Video Production, Medical Illustrator, and Voiceover Artist at Osmosis. 

This year we’re producing a series of videos and blog posts highlighting members of the Osmosis team. As you know from our first post of the month, our February theme is Start with the Heart— and there’s no one better to kick off this series than Samantha McBundy, Content Manager, Video Production at Osmosis.

The road to a career at Osmosis

Sam joined the Osmosis team in November 2017 as a Video Illustrator. So, how did she get into the medical illustration field?

“I always had an interest in art and science but wasn’t aware of any field that would allow me to do both,” says Sam. “I did my undergrad in Painting & Media Studies—incidentally, most of my high school and undergrad portfolio were very anatomy focused. I didn’t discover the field of Medical Illustration until post-graduation.”

After finishing her undergrad, Sam decided to pursue her interest in medical illustration full time, enrolling in an MFA program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. There, Sam met Brittany Norton, Associate Creative Director at Osmosis. They both graduated in 2015.

After graduating, Sam found work as a full-time graphic designer for New Era Cap, and pursued freelance medical illustration work on the side for two years. “As much as I love the field, there just wasn’t much of an appetite for medical illustrators in Buffalo,” said Sam. Fortunately, the connections she forged at the Rochester Institute of Technology soon came into play. In October 2017, she got a text from Brittany asking if she was interested in joining the Osmosis team.

“It was a total game changer. I could not wait to start using my medical illustrator skills full time and do work that contributed to the education of future medical professionals. Naturally, I said yes!”

Check out Sam’s videos

During Sam’s time at Osmosis she has worked on many informative videos, from Adult brain tumors to Tuberculosis. We asked her to pick a favorite, which she found impossible, but one project was particularly meaningful to her:

“I felt very privileged to work on Adult brain tumors. I specifically requested the script when it became available because I had a family member battling glioblastoma at the time,” she said. “Glioblastoma multiforme is a terminal diagnosis, which often leaves both the patient and their family members feeling completely helpless. At the time, working on that video felt like the only useful thing I could do in the face of such a hopeless situation.” 

Working on the Adult brain tumors video solidified Sam’s dedication to Osmosis’s mission: providing the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible

“It's my sincere wish that making medical knowledge more accessible to the public will ultimately result in more people and more knowledgeable medical professionals who are committed to finding effective treatments for diseases like glioblastoma. Just one more reason I love my job. You can’t put a price on the joy of meaningful work.”

Check out a selection of the projects Sam's proudest of in her Custom Playlist on Osmosis.org:

How Sam starts with the heart

Sam has stellar organizational skills and is incredibly kind, caring, and approachable.These traits, combined with her hard work and dedication to the Osmosis mission, recently earned her a promotion from Video Illustrator to Content Manager, Video Production:

“As Content Manager, Video Production, I lead the Illustration, Editing and Voiceover teams. I track and set goals for productivity, oversee the video production pipeline, and help review content before it’s uploaded to Osmosis Prime,” she said. “But the most important work I do revolves around maintaining personal connections with teammates in a remote environment. Whether I’m sharing feedback, troubleshooting new processes, or training new hires, I always try to keep ‘Start With the Heart’ in mind.”

Meet the McBundys

Sam lives in Buffalo, NY with her wife, Erin, and their two Italian greyhounds, Jack and Henry. When she’s not illustrating Osmosis videos, she’s usually reading, playing her guitar, crafting cocktails, working on DIY home improvement projects, or exploring the great outdoors. Fun fact: her last name, McBundy, is actually a portmanteau of her family name (Bundy) and Erin’s family name (McDowell).

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