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Top 3 tips you should know about COMLEX-USA Level 1

Osmosis Team
Jan 10, 2019

COMLEX-USA® Level 1 measures your knowledge of the biomedical sciences relevant to solving clinical problems and promoting osteopathic medical care.

Tip 1: Should you take both USMLE® and COMLEX-USA®?

In order to obtain physician licensure from an osteopathic school, you must take and pass all three levels of the COMLEX-USA®. Some osteopathic schools are now requiring that their students also take the USMLE®. So make sure you check with your school’s requirements.

Tip 2: Pros and cons of taking both COMLEX-USA® and USMLE®

If your school does not require the USMLE®, you may still consider taking the test. Most residency programs accept both COMLEX-USA® and USMLE®, however, you should check with the individual programs as this may determine whether you have to also take this exam. Taking the USMLE might also be beneficial as residency programs can compare your scores with those of your allopathic peers.

Keep in mind that these exams are expensive. So make sure you are prepared and feel confident that you can do well. Osmosis’s comprehensive content library and powerful study schedule tool can help you get organized and stay on track so you’re using your study time most efficiently.

Tip 3: How to prepare for COMLEX-USA® Level 1

Regardless of your decision, the content covered on COMLEX-USA® Level 1 spans the same content covered in the USMLE® Step 1, so it’s more than okay to use the same resources. Remember, Level 1 tests your foundational knowledge of the basic sciences. Osmosis videos along with accompanying flashcards are a great way to review foundational concepts in an easy, digestible (and joyful!) format. Try it free for two weeks!

The key difference is that Level 1 also covers Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine or OMM. Not only does Osmosis include over 3,300 board practice questions, it also has over 340 OMM questions.

To maximize your studying, follow these three easy steps using Osmosis’s content:

  • Watch a video (before and after lecture) to get a solid foundation
  • Review with flashcards to help you with long term retention
  • Apply what you’ve learned to case-based questions to strengthen your understanding

Create your personalized study schedule to get organized and stay on track with your classes and board exams. Osmosis’s Study Schedule allows seamless integration of multiple schedules for better organization.

Get started today by watching Osmosis’s 5 steps to Acing the Boards and other resources here.

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