Useful Life Hacks for Medical Students

Life in medical school is not always easy to tackle. In today's Osmosis blog, medical student and Osmosis Medical Education Fellow, Javed Iqbal, shares his experiences and life hacks he thinks every s

Jan 25, 2021 by Javed Iqbal


How I Stopped Feeling like a Failure in Medical School

Nobody likes failure, but it's an integral part of learning and growing in life. Today on the blog, Osmosis Medical Education Fellow, Rohan, shares how his failure in medical school helped him reset a

Jan 21, 2021 by Rohan Shah

Study Tips

USMLE® Step 1 Question: Acute Chest Pain With Diabetes & Hypertension

Each week, Osmosis shares a USMLE® Step 1-style practice question to test your knowledge of medical topics. Today's case involves an older man who comes into the emergency room with chest pain. T

Jan 20, 2021 by Osmosis Team


5 Mindfulness Tips to Find Balance in 2021

Can you believe 2020 is over? Many of us still feel like 2020 never ended. However, we must move forward and make the best of each experience. Today on the blog, Osmosis's VP of People and Culture, Hi

Jan 18, 2021 by Hillary Acer


Essential Study Tips & Tricks to Ace Your Medical School Classes & Boards

In medical school and wondering, “What have I gotten myself into?” Well, this is the blog for you! OMEF Shrishti Sahai shares her essential tips and tricks for performing at your best in m

Jan 15, 2021 by Shrishti S Sahai


How to Deal with Stressful Situations in Medical School

All of us in health professional school deal with stress—it’s inevitable. We are busy students, trying to get through these tedious, long years alive. Along with the stress of school, we h

Jan 14, 2021 by Elizabeth Armenis

Study Tips

USMLE® Step 1 Question of the Day: Frequent Urination Diagnosis

Each week, Osmosis shares a USMLE® Step 1-style practice question to test your knowledge of medical topics. Today's case involves a young boy whose worsening issues with thirst and frequent urina

Jan 13, 2021 by Osmosis Team


Period Poverty: The Belittling of a Basic Need

Millions of people around the world lack adequate access to hygienic menstrual products—a stark reality that the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is working tirelessly to change. In t

Jan 11, 2021 by Alexandra A. Alvarez


Financial Strategies for Health Professional Students to Save and Manage Money Better

In today’s guest post from Surviving College, we will be addressing the big elephant in the room that we wish was invisible—money! During medical school, we tend to ignore financials until

Jan 8, 2021 by Osmosis Team

Study Tips

How Hard is the NCLEX®? 5 Tips to Make it Easier!

Congratulations on graduating from nursing school! Now, your next order of business is to prepare for and pass the NCLEX® exam. You might be wondering: “Is the NCLEX hard?” Well, it d

Jan 7, 2021 by Lisa Miklush