How Technology Is Making Healthcare Safer

Osmosis Team
Sep 5, 2015

Technology has its hands in nearly everything these days. The medical field is not exception. From checking your symptoms online at home to the machines clinicians use to find out what is wrong with their patients, to how you get your prescriptions, technology is a fundamental part of health care.

Keep reading to find out how scientists and technologists have been working together to streamline how health care is delivered.

Checking Symptoms
There are a number of sites where people can check their symptoms. While these websites aren't meant to replace the care of a doctor, they are there to help people know if what they are feeling or experiencing might be a symptom of something major. Why run to the emergency room if it looks like that pain is most likely just gas?

If it weren't for the Internet, more time would be spent visiting the doctor, or you'd need to have an entire bookshelf dedicated to medical books. Now it is easily online at the touch of your fingertips.

Getting Checked In
Many companies, such as, are streamlining health care through better data management. Once upon a time, you filled out mounds of paperwork when you went to the doctor or the hospital and the reception area was full of filing cabinets. Now the paperwork and cabinets are minimal and almost all of your information is stored in a system with safe software solutions.

Getting Checked Out
Even the machines that doctors use have changed over the years due to leaps in technology. Expecting mothers can get a clearer look at their babies. Surgery can be as simple as a focused laser and some advanced glue.

People are spending far less time in the hospital following surgery, and that is mainly because of advances in healthcare technology. Not only are surgeries becoming less painful, but people don't have to take as much time away from life now just to get well.

Checking Your Prescriptions
Not only has technology made time in the hospital safer and faster dealt with, it has also made some major changes in the world of prescriptions. With technology it is easier for doctors to ensure that people are getting safer medications.

Machines filling prescriptions and creating medications make it contamination less likely, just like self-driving cars will make the roads safer and decrease accidents. The computer systems also help to cross reference an individual’s prescriptions to help combat doctor errors that could cause harm to someone that gets the wrong prescription or gets something that could make another medication not work. 

Technology is making life safer for people in many ways, the medical field is just one of them. There isn't one part of healthcare that doesn't use technology in some way to help people stay well, keep them safe, and make it easier for them to fight illnesses.